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Welcome to Victoria, BC - The Best Place on Earth

Victoria, having the warmest winters in Canada is proud of its benign climate and easy-going lifestyle, making it a favourite retirement location and popular tourist destination.

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Motto: Splendor Sine Occasu
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Some Population Statistics from the 2006 Canada Census:

City of Victoria  British Columbia's capital, Victoria, remains Canada's 15th largest city with a population of 344,615, according to new census data. In 2011 had 80,017 population. In 2006 had 78,057 population - up 5.3% from the 74,125 in 2001. Metropolitan Victoria area had 360,063 people in 2011, up from 356,538 in 2010.

Saanich (District Municipality) had 109,752 in 2011, up from 108,265 in 2005.

Esquimalt had 16,209 in 2011, and 16,840 in 2005.
Oak Bay had 18,015 in 2011, up from 17,908 in 2005.

The Land
The variety of its landscapes is the main reason for British Columbia's distinctiveness: its 947,800 km2  offer remarkable topographical contrasts. Where the Pacific Ocean reaches the continent, it meets a chain of islands, large and small, running from north to south.  Some of these islands are nestled in fiords carved in the majestic Coastal Mountains, which rise more than 2,000 metres above sea level.

The People
British Columbia continues to attract Canadians and foreigners alike: 22,000 people settled in the province in 1998, and its population is now 13% of Canada's total. Nearly 60% live in Vancouver and Victoria, the province's capital. Vancouver, the largest dry cargo port on the Pacific coast of North America, is home to more than two million people, which makes it the third largest city in Canada.

About three quarters of BC's population live in the southwestern corner of the province. The majority of BC's inhabitants are of British origin, but the population includes immigrants and descendants of immigrants of all nationalities. More than 100,000 British Columbians are of Chinese origin. Vancouver has North America's second-largest Chinese community. In addition, more that 60,000 of BC inhabitants are from India and over 16,000 from Japan. The Aboriginal population of British Columbia is growing in numbers and is over 200,000 people.